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Living Independently by Design Group, Inc., Sequim, WA

Continuing to have the best life possible means learning how to maintain your independence for as long as possible. The goal is to stay in our own homes, in our communities and in our familiar surroundings for as long as we can. To do that, we must adapt our homes to accommodate our needs as we age. Living Independently by Design can help by adding hand rails, grab bars, entry accessibility, wheelchair access to sinks, counter tops, showers and interior spaces. All of these design changes are an affordable alternative to an assisted living facility. We offer our clients accessibility and safety that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.


Walk-in Tubs, Roll-in Showers, Stair Lifts, High Rise Toilets

by Design Group Inc. will eliminate barriers and unnecessary hazards in your home by offering cost-effective and stylish solutions and modifications.

Call us for a no-cost, in-home consultation to assess your changing lifestyle needs and the many options available to help maintain your independence for years to come.

  • Stair Lifts
  • Roll-In Showers
  • Bidet Toilet Seats
  • Wheel Chair Vanities
  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Custom Ramps
  • Grab Bars
  • Aging in Place Specialist



Living Independently - kitchen design and remodels by Design Group, Inc. Living Independently - remodels by Design Group, Inc., Sequim contractor Living Independently - roll-in showers by Design Group, Inc., Sequim contractor Useful living for independent seniors from Sequim contractor by Design Group, Inc.


Custom Ramps available from by Design Group, Inc.




by Design Group Inc. builds ramps by hand. Ramps can be modified to fit almost any situation; they can include decking to blend the structure into the approach of the house or they can be built inside the garage space for esthetics and security.

Wheelchair Ramps available from Sequim, WA contractor

Wheelchair Ramps available from Sequim, WA builder by Design Group, Inc.


Grab Bars available from Sequim, WA builder by Design Group, Inc.



It is extremely important to be sure that grab bars are installed properly, they must be anchored in a stud within the wall or they will not hold a person’s weight. Here are a few decorative options.

Grab Bars for Shower available from by Design Group, Inc. Invisia grab bars for shampoo holder, toilet paper holder and bathtub


Bidet Toilet Seat available and installed by Carlsborg / Sequim contractor

Infinity Bidet available from by Design Group, Inc., installed










The Infinity XLC-2000 & XLC-3000 feature ceramic instant heating for precise temperature control, unlimited warm water supply and improved twin moving nozzles with pulse, bubble & massage options. The exclusive hot/cold water cycling & sitz-bath features provide comfort and aid in healing.

Infinity includes these features:

  • Fits 1- and 2-piece toilets
  • Available in round and elongated seat sizes
  • Available in white
  • Electricity required
  • Warm seat with seat safety sensor and temperature settings
  • Anti-slam seat and lid
  • Child mode
  • On-Demand Ceramic Heating System for unlimited warm water and energy efficiency
  • Twin moving nozzles (Two adjustable reach – forward/back wands and nozzles)
  • Aerated water
  • Massage wash button (auto-moving wands & nozzles)
  • Pulse wash mode
  • Hot/cold cycle wash – Exclusive Feature!
  • Sitz-bath wash – Exclusive Feature!
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • Adjustable dryer temperature
  • Quick-release feature for cleaning
  • Energy-save mode


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Transforming existing space into something new is exciting. It can also be challenging. When looking for a remodeling contractor you should seek one that embraces YOUR vision.

Communication will never be more important than when investing in your most valuable asset...your home.

by Design Group Inc. is committed to taking your vision from design to reality with as little drama as possible.



11 East Runnion Rd. Sequim, WA 98382
Office 360-582-1843 / Fax 360-582-1943


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